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UcFit was born in August of 2010 in central New Jersey. With a few thousand dollars, some creativity, hard work and the support of the people around us we've grown our baby. Today is a day to remember as we brought in samples for our new partner, 4point4, an organization that has done uniforms for the US Women's Volleyball team, and that is partnered with NBA greats Larry Johnson and Bill Walton to spread their philosophy based around an awesome give-back model. We are "powering" their sublimated uniform development in all sports with Boys and Girls Basketball, Soccer and, of...

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DAVID WISE in Sochi took home gold in the inaugural mens Olympic half-pipe.  I've been an avid skier all my life.  I can ski bumps and take on the trees.  This year's east coast snowfall has been epic.  And this skier was recently able to take on a new challenge - the halfpipe at Mt. Snow David Wise Wins Gold I'm certainly no Olympic athlete.  However, as a member of UncommonFit as well as an avid athlete - I love to take on a challenge.  When I arrived atop the half-pipe I glanced down the edge and noticed two things;...

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