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nor rain nor sleet nor snow

A bunch of us from the UcFit Crew took a little trip last week in what many would call bad weather. It was foggy, cold and a little rainy; most wouldn't choose to go for a night of camping followed by a full day hike. As young professionals, we often don't get to pick the days we get to be 'free' and run off into the woods, work dictates it to us. With that being said, there were two ways to deal: option ONE was to pout about the crap weather and cancel the trip or option TWO, ignore the forces out of our control, gear up and get ready for some fun. 

We hopped in the PJ Cruiser (my mountain mobile) and headed to one of my favorite places for climbing and hiking - the 'Gunks. After arriving in the dark, we started a fire and set camp for a wet night. The morning was super cold, but Eric, Roberto, Deigo and I all managed to laugh it off as we got excited for a big breakfast...oh and the hiking. Once we hit the trail it was clearly too wet to climb at all, but we made the most on foot, finding some awesome scrambling and incredible views through the clouded world all around us. As we got moving, the cold and wet became a non factor and we tore up nearly 9 miles of trails before heading back to the Gilded Otter for the fish 'n chips special and a couple Stone House Cream Stouts...ummm....

Why write this? Who cares? You might not, but it's a friendly reminder to ignore the things you can't control and focus on the things you can. Most would have thought our day was going to be a lost cause but we rocked it and saw some great things. Make the most out of your time every day, don't pout. Spend that time with good people and don't let Negative Nancy's tell you what to do.


Photo credits (Instagram) - @SierraBumOfficial and @Haylobos




Go check out the Mohonk Preserve outside New Paltz. You've been given a mission. 


Be happy, stay positive, do cool s**t