Shorts, Kilts and Skorts

We are currently rolling out a couple more shorts for you and your team to love. We have our typical 7" Freshie shorts that you have come to know and love with our personalized pocket designs. Which was started right year in the UcFit lab, and is now mimicked all over the world. (end of humble brag). We now have a 6" inseam technical short using our hydrotek fabric that we have named aptly "Baller", and 6" inseam Jogger short using our midweight Ucfit Fleeceor French Terry.

The guys dont get to have all the swag, we also have shorts, kilts and skorts for the girl squads. Shorts, kilts and outer part of the skort we use our Freshie and for the inner skort our spandex making them nice and snug with minimal ride up.